Kemoku Plugin Blocks

There are multiple blocks and shortcodes available for you to present your website information. It is recommended to use native blocks instead of shortcodes, however if for some reason you’re still using a version of WordPress lower than 5.0, you can use shortcodes as well.

There are 2 groups of blocks:

  1. blocks you can use on all pages
  2. blocks you can use on review pages

Using Blocks

Kemoku Blocks

Below are the blocks available in Kemoku plugin you can use on all pages:

  • Reviews Table
  • Reviews Grid
  • Review CTA

Reviews Table & Grid

Simply add the block, select reviews you want to display, adjust the settings and they are ready.

💁 since version 1.5 you can choose reviews manually, filter them by category or by tag(s).

You can select a review category and all reviews in that category will be displayed. You can also set a limit, for example display 10 reviews in "Sports" category.

Besides categories, you can filter reviews by review tags as well. In difference to categories, you can select multiple tags. For example, display 12 reviews tagged "USA" and "Canada". You can combine those 2 together, for example display 10 reviews in "Sports" category tagged "USA" and "Canada".


Preview: Kemoku Table Block

Dashboard: Kemoku Table Block


Preview: Kemoku Grid Block

Dashboard: Kemoku Grid Block

Review CTA

Simply add the block, fill in the heading (optional), content and button/link fields and it's ready.

Preview: Kemoku CTA Block

Dashboard: Kemoku CTA Block

Review Page Blocks

Kemoku Review Blocks

Here are the blocks available in Kemoku plugin you can use in review pages:

  • Review Info
  • Review Ratings
  • Review Pros & Cons
  • Review Payments
  • Review Countries
  • Review Services

There's noting to configure in these blocks, simply add the blocks where you want to display them, and they are ready.

You can also use Review CTA block in review pages.

Review Services has configuration fields, but they are optional.

Below are screenshots of review page blocks.

Kemoku Review Info Block Kemoku Review Ratings Block Kemoku Review Pros & Cons Block Kemoku Review Payment Methods Block Kemoku Review Countries Block Kemoku Review Services Block

Blocks vs Shortcodes

You can use all blocks as shortcodes as well. Check out Shortcodes for more information.

It is highly recommended to use blocks instead of shortcodes. Future blocks may not have shortcodes.

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