Kemoku Plugin Widgets

There are 2 type of widgets available in the plugin.

Blocks as Widgets

Since WordPress 5.8 update, blocks can be used as widgets, and that's teh recommended way. Kemoku has been updated so that you can use blocks in widget areas. All widgets, including the ones that are intended for review pages only, can be used in widget areas. Check out plugin blocks for more information.

However, if for some reason you want to use legacy widgets, you still do so as described below.

Legacy Widgets

Here are the widgets available in Kemoku plugin that you can use:

  • Single Kemoku Review Widget
  • Multiple Kemoku Reviews Widget


💁 since version 1.0.8 you can choose to:

  • display terms and conditions in full,
  • just a short notice
  • or skip them at all.

Single Kemoku Review Widget


Multiple Kemoku Reviews Widget


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