Page Templates

You can define different templates for your pages in Spinoko.

Using Page Templates

There are 2 page templates available for displaying Pages in your website.

  1. Default Template
  2. Cover Template

Default Template

Here's an example of a page using the default template:


Cover Template

When you choose "Page Cover" as a template in "Page Attributes" section, right below that a new section appears called "Cover Page Template Fields". Here you can add a subtitle and choose whether to display casinos on the page cover or not.

With this template chosen, your Featured image will be set as a background image for the cover area and the page title will be displayed on top of that.


Here are a couple of examples of pages using the cover template:




Cover page templates have a couple of options:

  • Add a cover background image
  • Add a subtitle (a h2 tag right below h1)
  • Display 3 column reviews block

You can use combinations of the above options to generate different page styles.

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