Creating Review Pages

In your WordPress dashboard you will find a new menu item called Reviews right below the Pages menu link. Click Add New to add a new review.

Review Fields

Besides adding your review title and content as usual, you'll find Review Fields section below page content. Here you can define properties for each review. The fields are in separate sections and have descriptions to make it easy for you to fill them in. These properties are used all over the website, please make sure to fill them in.

Main Fields


In this section you'll define the main fields for any review such as:

  • Name
  • Images/Logos
  • Affiliate Link URL
  • Review Page Hero Colors

The name, image and affiliate URL are used in all shortcodes, blocks, widgets and review page and hero colors are there to help you customize each review page.

Bonus Fields


Bonus fields are for defining sportsbook bonuses. You can define an optional Shortcode Bonus if you want to display a different or differently formatted bonus in shortcodes.

Ratings Fields


First you define the main sportsbook rating which is used all over the website n shortcodes, widgets, etc.

The second part for Ratings is where you define different ratings to display in review pages Ratings block/shortcode.

Terms Fields


You can define 2 fields for sportsbook terms and conditions, first the longer and 2nd the shorter version. later in blocks/shortcodes you can choose to display one of them.

Info Fields


Define basic information about the sportsbook and display them in Info block (or [info] shortcode) in review pages.

Pros & Cons Fields


Define pros and cons of the sportsbook and display them in Pros & Cons block (or [pros_cons] shortcode) in review pages.

Banking Fields


Define deposit and withdrawal methods provided by the sportsbook and display them in Banking block (or [banking] shortcode) in review pages.

Offer Fields


Define the main offers of the sportsbook such as sportsbook, casino, poker, etc. and their bonuses and display them in Offer block (or [offer] shortcode) in review pages.

Related Reviews


You can choose to display related reviews section at the end of each review page. For that you need to select at least 1 (max 3) other review pages.

Supported Countries


Define the supported countries of the sportsbook and display them in Countries block (or [countries] shortcode) in review pages.

Additional Info


Define some additional info fields here that are used on table/grid filters mostly.

Review Snippet

For all your review pages Akurai generates Review Snippet Structured data ( markup. The rating value used is the "Overall Rating" field from Rating Fields section. It is generated automatically so you don't need to do anything, however you can turn it off if you decide so. You can test your pages here.

Next step

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