Review Page Blocks

Akurai theme comes with built-in review page blocks (and shortcodes) that you can use to easily present sportsbook information.

Using Blocks & Shortcodes


There are 5 review blocks available for you to use in review pages:

  • Info Table
  • Pros & Cons
  • Ratings
  • Banking
  • Offers


All the 5 blocks require no configuration, all you need is to just add them to the content by clicking on the block name. The information is populated from Review Fields that you need to have filled in beforehand.


The same blocks are also available to use in Review Page Sidebars via shortcodes. Here’s the formats:

  • [info]
  • [offer]
  • [pros_cons]
  • [banking]
  • [ratings]

Blocks in Content Area

Here's what the blocks look like in review page content area. You can obviously add content between them and display only the ones that you want. This is just an image showing you the blocks' structures.


Shortcodes in Sidebar

Here's what the blocks look like in review page sidebars.

Please note that you can use these shortcodes in Review Page Sidebar only.


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