AkuraiGeo Plugin

AkuraiGeo is a WordPress plugin developed specifically for Akurai Theme to add geo targeting functionalities.

Getting Started

It's easy to get started with AkuraiGeo. Follow the documentations to install the plugin and start using it right away.


Before getting started make sure you have all the requirements met.

To use the plugin, you must be running WordPress 5.0 or higher and PHP 7.4 or higher. Recommended WordPress 6.4.

Also make sure your host has the minimum requirements to run WordPress and PHP max_upload_size is more than 2MB.


You can check out Akurai theme demos to get an idea how AkuraiGeo plugin works. Here are 3 demos for you:

  1. Demo #1
  2. Demo #2
  3. Demo #3


Find the full changelog here.

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