Creating Casino Pages

In your WordPress dashboard you will find a new menu item called Casinos right below the Pages menu link. Click Add New to add a new casino.

Casino Page Templates

This page describes casino specific fields, for casino page templates, please follow this link.

Casino Fields

Besides adding the casino title and content as usual, you'll find Casino Fields section below the page content. Here you can define properties for each casino.

Casino fields are in separate sections and have descriptions to make it easy for you to fill them in. These properties are used all over the website, please make sure to complete them.

Spinoko Casino Fields

Casino Page Blocks

To present the information more visually you can use casino blocks in casino page contents, as well as generic blocks such as FAQs, Recent posts, etc.

Casino Page Top Tables


By default on all casino pages, after the hero section appear 3 small tables: Info, Pros & Cons. These are generated from Casino Fields as well and you can disable them globally for your website in AppearanceCustomizeReview Options.

Casino Categories and Tags

💁 since version 2.3.1

You can assign casino categories and tags to casinos. You do that the same way you'd do it for regular posts. You can also manage your casino categories and casino tags by visiting their corresponding pages under "Casinos" menu item.

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Casino Page Blocks