Widget Areas

Akurai has multiple widget areas to give you more options for laying out your content.

Widget Area Layouts

There are 7 widget areas available:

  1. Main Sidebar
  2. Left Sidebar
  3. Review Page Sidebar
  4. Footer Widgets #1
  5. Footer Widgets #2
  6. Footer Widgets #3
  7. Footer Widgets #4

Main Sidebar

Main Sidebar is displayed on pages with the Right Sidebar page template.

Left Sidebar

Left Sidebar is displayed on pages with the Left Sidebar page template.

Review Page Sidebar

Review Page Sidebar is displayed on review pages with Review with Sidebar template where you can add review page blocks (also via shortcodes).

Footer Widgets

The theme footer is divided into 4 equal parts, each one of them displaying a single widget area. This way you can have a long footer without having to worry about their responsive structure.

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