DinoFeeds API

By purchasing any DinOdds package, you get access to DinoFeeds API.

About the API

DinoFeeds API has been developed to provide an easy solution for displaying betting odds feeds on WordPress websites, specifically through DinOdds plugin.

API Settings

You can control the API settings through your DinoMatic account.

DinOdds Subscription

Find the subscription you need and click on Plugin Settings button, a popup with a form will appear where you can adjust your settings.

DinOdds Subscription Details


  1. You can always change the settings for your subscription
  2. You can select to pull data for only the leagues and the sportsbooks you want
  3. If a league is out of season, or you don't promote a sportsbook, it's recommended to skip them, otherwise, you'll have additional unused data stored in your database

Next step

Plugin Installation