Page Templates

You can define different templates for your pages in Akurai.

Using Page Templates

There are 3 page templates available for displaying Pages in your website.

  1. Default Template
  2. Left Sidebar Template
  3. No Sidebar Template (Full Width)

Akurai Page Templates

Default Template

The default template layout has the content area on the left and the sidebar on the right. The sidebar used in default templates is called Main Sidebar.

Akurai Default Template

Left Sidebar Template

The Left Sidebar template layout has the content area on the right and the sidebar on the left. The sidebar used in Left Sidebar templates is called Left Sidebar.

Akurai Left Sidebar Template

No Sidebar Template

The No Sidebar or Full Width template layout has only content area covering its 100% width. There's no sidebar used.

Akurai No Sidebar Template

Templates with Heros

Since version 1.1.2, you can use Hero templates for regular pages as well. They were initially intended to be used as front pages only, however now you can use them for any landing page on your website. Check them out here.

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