Using Nonaki Plugin

Using Nonaki plugin is easy and intuitive. You can access all plugin options and links/redirects in plugin settings page.

Plugin Settings Page

Plugin settings can be found in Nonaki Options page visiting Nonaki Links in your WordPress dashboard.

Setting the Redirect Slug

The only thing to do before using the plugin is to set up a redirect slug for your affiliate links, which you can skip if the default links value is good for you. If not, just type whatever you need and simply click Save.

Nonaki settings

Creating Redirects

Creating new redirect is quite straight-forward, you just add the redirect key and the destination URL. While typing the key and the URL will see the preview to be able to double check and add the new redirect.

Nonaki settings

Managing Redirects

You can find all your redirect links listed in the Redirect section. Here you can edit the link URL, remove it or generate link tags to use in your website content.

Nonaki settings

Generating Links

To generate and copy link URLs and Tags, click on the green link icon, adjust options in the popup window and click the copy icon to copy the URL/Tag.

You can customize the link tag by adding the link anchor text, target and rel attributes, as well as class and id.

Nonaki settings

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