Spinoko Widgets

Spinoko theme comes with a built-in casino widget that you can use in the footer widget area.

Blocks in Widgets

Since WordPress 5.9 you can use theme blocks in Widget areas of your website. The widgets below are now called "Legacy Widgets", and it's recommended to use theme blocks instead. The legacy widgets work as expected though.

Using Widgets

To add a widget to footer widgets area, in your WordPress dashboard visit AppearanceWidgets. Or you can use the Customizer, visit AppearanceCustomize and select Widgets.

Besides the default WordPress widgets, Spinoko Casino Widget is also available for you to use in footer.

Spinoko Widgets

Spinoko Casino Widget

Add the Spinoko Reviews Widget to the footer widget area, add a widget title, select whether to display the casino terms of not, choose the casino you want to display from the dropdown lists and click Save.

Spinoko Casino Widget Back-End

This is what it looks like on the front-end.

Spinoko Casino Widget Front-End

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